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The stopover in home port



At the corner of Place des Tilleuls de La Noue-Sainte-Marie, the hotel-restaurant L’Escale has just opened with a new team at the helm. Five years after a fire that had sounded the death knell for the establishment, three couples of Rethai friends have just given a new lease of life to this Maritaise institution. A purchase project matured for two years by Eric and Ludivine Neveu, resulted in an association between friends. “We weren’t meant to work together, these are the circumstances that led us to come together around this project,” says Arnaud and Huguette Landry, former owners of the Loix soap factory.

A convergence of resources for the cost of the 500 m2 building and work have combined with the know-how of the 3rd couple of takers. Indeed, Yoann Leraut, former chef of the hotel-restaurant L’Ocean au Bois-Plage for fourteen years, is the culinary guarantor completing the triptych, so he took the plunge with his wife Sandrine.

Friends in life, associates from now on, everyone has found his place. In the kitchen for Yoann, the hotel with its 11 rooms for Sandrine, Ludivine provides the administrative side, Arnaud and Huguette make the link between bar, restaurant and hotel. Eric, for his part, has retained his job as an oyster farmer at La Flotte and supplies Yoann in the kitchen in precious shells.

Completely renovated and arranged, the establishment tends towards a clean aesthetic “class, functional and above all without fuss”, sums up the smiling Sandrine. The new hotel-restaurant required seven months of work where local craftsmen went to great lengths to open at the end of March.

The Maritaise painter Catherine Le Bouill has designed a decoration on a theme “sea” marrying at a stopover that extends into a reverie. 4 kitchen staff help the chef to commission his new pianos for a gustatory symphony around fish and shellfish and other discoveries. The room accommodates 60 seats, terrace 40 where two young Réthais, Tiffany and Sébastien, complete the team.

A stopover as an anchor year-round is emerging for the 6 captains of the adventure.

Information: hotel-restaurant L’escale 2 Place des Tilleuls in Sainte-Marie de Ré Tel. 05 46 37 44 87.


Restaurant l-escale